People of Slumbering Aruth

The People of Aruth







The Estermen originate in Dakkah and Martrune in the East, though the Esterling Corsair of the Free Isles can be found across the Eastern Coasts of Aruth. The Gloom Elves of Elomeira take exception to the Corsairs, however, and the two people regularly clash on the open sea, and on the Coasts of the Murkwell.

Grey Striders

The Grey Striders originate in the plains and rolling hills of Dalan, though the Caravans and Hunters of the Grey plains often travel throughout the Seven States.

Bear Men

The barbaric Bear Men of the Great Barrier Range refer to their mountainous homeland as “the Ursal.” The nomadic tribes of Ursal emulate the bears they train and – to an extent – have domesticated, hiding out in their cavern homes during the winter, and traveling and trading during the warmer months (the Bear Men call this their Hibernation, but they do not sleep as their beasts do).


The Suthmen of the Kempeleweh have settled into grand City States in the Great Desert, where the High Emirates control the trade of spices and other goods from the Free Isles and Andan with the Seven States.


Forest Dwarves

The Forested Hills of Hantia are home to both the Dawutroth and the Sylvanar, who seldom meet and often shun one another when they do. No true animosity exists between the Forest Dwarves and the Wood Elves, just a stout indifference.

Stone Dwarves

Koldawi dwell in the Stacks. The jagged cliffs of Sulinam.

Shield Dwarves

The Thrungdawi are the most populous dwarves of Aruth. They originate beneath the Shield Mountains in the Western reaches of the Great Barrier Range, but can be found across the continent thanks to the custom of the Journeyman Venture, wherein a party of Dwarven Craftsmen travel the world to increase their skill and reputation.

Ice Dwarves

The Wyrdawi of the Northern Reaches sometimes travel to Suusqaalit, to trade with the elves, or to Fryskellig in Andan to trade with the Men there.


Aether Elves

The Ghost Elves dwell deep in the ethereal mists of the Erethia Forests, and no outsider has ever seen their home, which they refer to as “the Reverie.”

Ashe Elves

Boreal Elves

The Tundral Wastes are home to the Boreal Elves, nomadic hunters who meet regularly in the Trade Port of Suusqaalit. The Boreal Elves have a surprisingly amicable relationship with the Wyrdawi of the Northern Reaches.

Gloom Elves

The Gloom Elves dwell almost exclusively on the island of Elomeira, where their presence, and their magic, tends to the Murkwell. Elves of the Murkwell found on the Mainland are often sailors or soldiers seeking respite from the harassment of the Esterling Corsairs.

Shade Elves

The Shadenar are found now living in small clusters in the Cities of Men. Shade Elves claim to have once dwelt in a mighty kingdom, and to be the ancestors of all elf-kind; but their kingdom – if it ever existed – is lost now to the annals of history.

Sylvan Elves

In the deep forests of Hantia, the Sylvanar keep mostly to themselves.


Bijou Halflings

Bailiwick in Eastern Hamarand is home to the Bijou Halflings, who seldom – if ever – leave their villages.

Welkin Halflings

The Welkin dwell in mountains of southern Westrim, in an area known as Demesne. Weald in the valley of the Lonely Mountain, and Aerie, high above the Northeastern cliffs with their Great Eagle companions.

People of Slumbering Aruth

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